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If You Think You Can Do Without Life Insurance, It's Time To Reconsider!

It's a number that is quite astounding – some 37% of people in the UK have no life insurance. You might have separated from your partner, have seen your children reach adulthood and have paid off nearly all your mortgage. But you may still require life insurance. And here's why that is:

1. Protect your loved ones from a terrible bill on top of the heartache
It's estimated that the average funeral costs now amount to around £7,600, a shocking figure that relentlessly rises every year. Could those you leave behind handle such a bill? Don't delay: get yourself life insurance cover( UKs Best Life Insurance Companies ) by filling the above form, because even basic policies cover funeral expenses and thus protect your family from added suffering
2. It's your children’s inheritance. Protect it
A weighty 40% inheritance tax charge can be levied on the investments you have made for your family when you pass away. If it turns out that your estate does not contain enough money to cover the demanded sum, creditors could pursue your loved ones, pressuring them to sell property or other assets to raise cash. If life insurance has been added to your estate, all of this could be avoided.
3. Don't make the mistake of letting the wrong person get the payout
There's every chance that before your separation you named your ex as your beneficiary when you took out your life insurance policy. If that's the case, beware: your children or new partner could end up without a penny. This situation is, however, simple to solve. Just start again with a fresh plan. Changed circumstances might even mean you are now entitled to a cheaper deal. And with a Life Insurance, comprehensive cover can be had from only £5 per month. We will help find you a top UKs Best Life Insurance Companies policy at a great price. A no-obligation quote is obtainable. Apply for a Life Insurance Quote Now»

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*£5 per month is based on a 30 year old non-smoker taking out £100,000 level term cover over 20 years(Aviva). The prices are correct as of March 2020

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